Monday, January 7, 2013

There's a Lesson Here Somewhere

Some things have happened lately that have been jumbling around my head and I know if it percolates long enough I will find the connection.

First I have made it a mission since I started therapy to really take to mind the Golden Rule
I really want to actively treat people in the manner in which I want to be treated.  I want with those relationships I hold deal to have thoughtful intent behind them.  That way when someone is hurt or upset I am present there for them and if I am the reason they feel that way (and they tell me) I can truly learn from the moment.  I think for much of my life I just reacted and dealt with things as they happened, there was no intent behind my actions.  I feel that my friendships are better because of this.  It is hard because its not always reciprocated.  And while that lack of balance can take its toll on a friendship (or end it completely), when balanced is very rewarding.  This weekend I got a special delivery.  From Coach.  Schmacey had purchased and shipped a little wristlet like I was searching for when we went to California this summer. 
Even the protective tissue paper is on it still. 
It is in my signature color because I am a freak about green.  I admit it.  It sometimes even scares me  Anyways, she said she gave as part of a Christmas gift and as part of  gratitude.  Her text (and reason) made me cry a little.  It is really, really nice to be appreciated so unexpectantly.  It is even better to have friends that recognize your good intentions and reciprocate.

The second event was that a friend of Juanito's, whom he hasn't really spoken to in a long time, reached out to him.  He is having personal problems and is struggling to cope.  He had thoughts of ending it all (like the big final) but ended up reaching out to friends.  We have not been so lucky in the past.  So along the lines of gratitude for friends, I am so grateful he made the choice to reached out to friends.  I am so grateful that Juanito was able to be one of the steady hands to help him through this time. 

So how does this all intersect.  Gratitude for friends?  Making the effort is never a bad thing?  Perhaps its a reminder to treat others how you wish to be treated because you never know when you're gonna need some special treatment, a couple cases of beer, and someone to make sure you get home safely. 

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