Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Space-Time Continuum

For this post I'm gonna go all Marty McFly on you and set your flux compacitator to 1997.  That's right 16 years ago on this date, I broke up with Juanito for the first (of three) time.  You may wonder why I remember this.  Well, asides from needing a calculator to get the actual number right, I know this little fact because I found out later that I broke up with him the day before his birthday.

Man I was a bitch. 

And, I'll be openly admit here that yes, yes it was so that I could date another guy.  BUT!  It wasn't immediate. When I decided that I was going to end things with Juanito so that I could date Odie (NOT A MONIKER!) I didn't want Juanito to think that was the only reason I broke up with him, which it wasn't.  So I decided that one month after breaking up with Juanito I would start dating Odie.  Which I held by the way.  Our first date was February 15. 

Juanito was my first boyfriend.

I do not count those in elementary school because one never did anything other than talk on the phone so really he was like a friend.  The other ended up being gay so, again he was really just a friend. And by the by, they both are still friends of mine. 

Anyways, back to Juanito my first boyfriend.  I pined away for him (as did many girls in my high school) so when it finally happened that we started dating, I didn't know what to do.  I was completely inexperienced and he was, well he was Juanito.  And everything that it entailed and I had built him up to.  We had dated for about a month over the holidays.  I gave him a nice sweater as a gift that his best friend worn, not him.  We went to a few parties together and it was strange because they were his friends.  And he was a 19 year old guy more interested in making out and seeing how far that would go than to be in a "relationship." So, like I said, I didn't know what I was doing and he wasn't the ideal teacher at the time. 

We later, many many moons later, decided that had we stayed together that we would have ended up 16 & Pregnant before it was cool and we would have never had the life experiences we have had.  We also said this before we ever knew that I had PCOS and accidental pregnancy just isn't in the cards for us.  Anyways, so yes, things happen for a reason.

I love you Juanito.  Happy Anniversary of the First Time We Broke Up.  Or Happy Day Before Your Birthday.

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