Monday, January 14, 2013

Still here

Oy, its Monday.  Again.  Its also colder than a witch's tit (as my Grandpa would have said) outside.  Its currently 3:30 in the afternoon and its 41 degrees outside. While for those of you in colder climates think this might be silly, its INSANE for Phoenix.  But I won't complain too loudly (or at all) because it will be 70 by Saturday.  Thank goodness because we have a pirate party planned for that day. 

Oy, the pirate party.  So much to do and plan and coordinate.  It's no wonder most people just say here's some cake and some presents, Happy Birthday.  My head is throbbing just thinking about all of this.

But between that time and now I have a bunch of other things to do.  So let me make some more lists.  I love lists. They help me focus my thoughts and accomplish things.  There is nothing better than a list completely checked off.  Well, there is, but when it comes to organization, this is what makes me happy. 

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