Friday, January 11, 2013

Final Thoughts on Friday

Its been a week from hell.  If this is any indication of how the rest of 2013 is gonna go, I would like to request a pass to the nurse. 
Juanito was out of town, again.  I was on a major deadline for work.  The Boy caught a 24 hour stomach bug that entailed emptying the contents of his stomach all over my couch, my living room floor, my bedroom floor, the bathroom floor, the sides of the toilet and a little bit in the toilet.  And we're starting to question the daycare situation, again.  Oh and to top it off we had a lovely little burglary of very expensive equipment from Juanito's work truck.  Which conveniently happened after he got home and that says to me someone was waiting for his truck to come home.  I should be on Law and Order.

But lets focus on the good stuff....

Juanito is home with no travel plans in his future.  A cold front is coming through the state so I'm making lists for chili and stoups and looking forward to snuggling on the (now clean) couch and watching movies (not Cars). 

So final thoughts I leave you with....

1. Preparing for The Boy's 3rd birthday and we're finally getting to a theme.  The first year was really just, hey I'm 1.  The second was hey look there are balloons and fun stuff (that all blew away in the wind before anyone got there.  It was reallly windy that day.)  So this is the first year we get a theme because he final cares about this stuff  My birthday?  ME?  Mine?  Yes, finally a day where its all about you, officially.  So we're doing it up right with a pirate theme (aaarrrgggghhh) and man I wish there was a pirate translator. 

2. Just when I think my job is cushy it gets all stressful and requiring TUMS and heart palpitations.  A lovely reminder that I'm not just fucking around here at my desk.  Well atleast not all the time.

3. We're also preparing for Juanito's birthday.  I am looking forward to a night out with friends.  Some of the mixing of company might be interesting, but hopefully enough alcohol will kick the awkward right outta there! 

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