Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strong Enough

So like many bloggers, I love Dooce.  I follow her religiously and one of my many personalities wants to be her when I grow up.  So when she announced her separation today I was shocked. 

So The Husband and I are going through a hard time in our lives.  Me being unemployed takes its toll me and the bank account.  Then being home all day in yoga pants and sports bra and no workout in sight added to the fact that I spend all day with this little kid that we made and I think about disassembling who calls me Daddy all day long...well it all takes its told on our relationship.  I pray that we make it through and we're stronger on the other side.

When you see other couples who you think have it all figured out and you're trying to emulate them and then BOOM they're separated.....what hope do we have?  I hope that Dooce and Blurbomat find their way individually and find each other on the other side.   

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