Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second trip around the sun

Today my baby turned two.  Holy cow. I have a toddler.  My baby is chronologically gone.  As I've stated before he will forever be my baby regardless of the calendar, but holy cow.  We took the rail off his bed and boom his crib is a toddler bed.  Holy cow. 

We went to Barnes & Noble and we bought potty books.  The Superhero Potty Time, A Potty for Me, and the wildly popular, Every body poops.  Even though my husband and I are adults we both giggled and pointed at all the pictures of the pooping drawings.  The 13 year old in me was slightly shocked that the baby had a penis in the drawing but the adult in me turned the page. 

The Boy also got underwear for his birthday.  I wanted to put a pair on him and take a picture but he decided to put on all six pairs.  He is super excited about his underwear that have balls on them.  Basketballs, footballs, and baseball. balls!  They are fabulous!  Anyways, we're gonna start the potty training...holy cow. Holy cow!  How the hell do you teach someone to pee in a stupid pot?? 

So this for Levi My Love.....
Levi my love, you test me on a daily basis.  And just when I think I am not up for the task or have some how failed, you smile at me, grab my face and kiss me with more slobber and teeth than your father in high school.  You light up my life and then promptly call me Daddy.  You amaze me how you listen and understand.  You are so loving, to me, to Daddy, to the dogs (even the one who growls at you) and even people in the store.  You will climb anything and you can figure out how pretty much anything works, much like your Daddy.  Where you excel the most is your ability to communicate without really talking.  Oh you can, but you really choose not to. I am learning that this is your greatest strength....stubbornness, much like your Mommy.  Your next journey around the sun will be filled with adventures for all of us.  As our worlds grow bigger with you I look forward to ever morning, every obstacle, every triumph and every bedtime. 

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