Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 40

So after 41 days of unemployment, I started a temporary job today.  Its for a software company in their marketing department....well one of many marketing department.  Each product apparently has their own marketing department.  Seems odd...almost illogical, but who am I?  Let me tell you who I am!  I am finally a financially contributing member of this family!!  YAY PAYCHECK!
So like I said its a temporary job and I'm not sure how long that will be so trying to absorb as much info as possible to build my skill set and bank as much moolah in the savings to get us through the next financial drought.  Not really letting myself think, well maybe they'll like me and hire me because that just makes a person feel shitty when they don't get picked.  And if that said person is in therapy already...well shitty could edge its way into suicidal. 
So lets keep it light and fluffy!  Work Yay!  Levi back to daycare Yay!  Paying our billings Yay!

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