Friday, May 3, 2013


So when we went to the Women's Expo the other weekend Yennifer and I had our palms read, because we're into that stuff.  Not that we base our life decisions on it or anything but its interesting.  Also, I think since we're both obsessives and this gives us something new to obsess about.  

Anyways, the palm reader, who had an interesting lisp that made it hard to understand her, told me, amongst other things you could read in Cosmo, that I was lucky.  When I told the girls this, Schmacey agreed that I am.  It has made me think occasionally.  What is luck?

How does one get so lucky to have such
these gorgeous faces in your life?
I can only blame luck that Juanito and I are married, successfully.  We both come from different forms of jacked up families.  I should be way more functioning than I am based on my family (parents still married, stable middle class white family) and he is wwwaaaaay more functioning that his divorced parents, abandoned by his father, raised by a single mother who worked out of town a lot, enter the reluctant step-father at the crucial age of 13.  Needless to say, I'm not sure how Juanito ended up more together than me.  Perhaps, because he doesn't acknowledge it...but I digress.  Dr. Crumudgeon has comments many times that how we are together he can't explain but that we have a healthy respect for one another, we communicate quite well for people who come from non-communicators, and we are supportive of one another.  How did I get lucky with that?  Better yet, how did he?? 
I know that we are both lucky to have conceived, carried, and delivered a healthy baby boy three years ago.  Sometimes I  know we don't feel so lucky when he is screaming no and kicking and hitting in an epic meltdown, but when he is singing a song about how he eats to be strong, well then we feel pretty blessed.  I know that we are blessed beyond our dreams to do it again with Lucky #2.  I know there are many women with PCOS who haven't see Lucky #1 and for me to get Lucky #2, well I don't feel lucky, I feel blessed. 
But I know that we work hard at things.  Juanito worked hard at being able to communicate when I need to hear it.  I work hard at being the partner he wants and deserves.  We work hard at being the parents that The Boy needs and deserves.  And making this baby was hard work too.  And all of this hard work is totally worth all of our effort. 
So to the lisped palm reader, I won't agree that its luck.  There is a lot of effort on our part and maybe a little bit of the cosmos in there too. 

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