Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coming Out

So this Juanito and The Boy took a road trip to go visit some family.  I had all weekend to myself.  It was glorious.  It was gluttonous.  It was productive.  It was lonely.  I was so happy when they arrived safely home.  The Boy greeted me with a bundle of fake red roses that had faded in the sun.  Apparently he stole them from a family member's flower pot and she, loving The Boy to dangerously spoiling levels, said he could have them.  Thanks to Ana I now have faded red fake roses in my house because they are for my "burtday. "
So while I was single and pregnant this weekend, I spent some time with my mom.  We haven't always gotten along.  And I don't mean like there was a phase when I was a rebellious teen and we didn't get along.  I mean last month she wasn't speaking to me because of a variety of reasons and this is a common occurrence.  To say out relationship has had its ups and downs would be an understatement.  But for Mother's Day I took her for manis and pedis and curry (except she had mediocre pad thai).  We enjoyed each other's company and I believe we both appreciated the time together. 

During our chats, I told her that I blog.  I just blurted it out without a thought in the world other than this is part of the story.  I don't know if she knows what that means, what this site entails or anything.  She didn't say much.  In fact, she didn't ask a single question about it.  Which is pretty much par for the course within our relationship.  This is an indicator why I spend time with Dr. Curmudgeon. 

But having told her about this place, I feel a sense of freedom here.  I don't feel like I'm hiding anymore.  I feel allowed to tell stories that I have been reluctant to in the past.  Dr. Curmudgeon has been pestering about tell stories of my family with humor and not vengeance.  I have been less than willing because of what might happen some day down the road. In the chance that the Family at Large reads.  But the veil has been slightly lifted and I feel a pendulum shift coming.  I'm not sure what will happen, if anything.  But here we go...WEEEEE!!!!

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