Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Set Backs and Theories

There is a good chance I jinxed the potty-training when I so wantonly bragged about The Boy's progress in that area.  This past Sunday morning we went through 3 pairs of super hero underwear and the last remaining clean pants and/or shorts in the house.  This was before noon. 

Sunday is laundry day in our house so we would resupply both pants and more laundry.  Yay vicious cycles!

First, he was playing outside in the dirt pile (I swear some day soon he will have a sandbox).  I stepped outside to ask if he needed to go potty when I found him hanging between two Adirondack chairs while he watched the pee trickle down his legs and puddle on the patio concrete.  He looked up to see me watching him and he was suddenly just shocked at what was happening.  "Oh mommy...."  Like this wasn't the most interesting thing ever.  So we changed our clothes and vowed to tell Mommy when you have to go potty.  Fast forward but not to fast, because 10 minutes later he come swaggering in like Tex announcing that he pooped.  Awesome!  So we changed him and again vowed if he needs to go potty he just needs to say something before.

About an hour later I was in the laundry room, which is right off the kitchen switching a load of laundry over.  He was standing in front of the fridge with the door open apparently just taking inventory of the contents.  He grabbed a slice of leftover pizza and started munching on it while he peed all over my kitchen floor. 

So, shockingly, The Boy spent the rest of the day in a pull up.  Monday evening I picked up The Boy from daycare.  Ms. Miriam, who is his primary teacher, said that he is doing wonderfully with the potty training.  Only one accident.  So I was hopeful that it was a hiccup. 

Last night while grilling hamburgers, because the weather is AB-SO-LUTE-LY gorgeous these days, I watched him stand on the patio and again pee without regard.  And once it starts he can't stop it.  you can't have him walk inside leaving a trail of urine through the house.  So you let him just finish so we can change him.

Now, my only thought of why this is happening is this:  Juanito taught him to pee outside this weekend.  We were at a local thrift shop waiting for it to open and watching the construction on a housing development behind it.  The Boy was enthralled with the tractors of various kinds.  He had to go potty and the shop wasn't open yet.  Juanito took him to the side of the building and taught him to pee outside. What would really give weight to theory is if The Boy was peeing on the side of the house or something. Not on the patio.  Or in the middle of the kitchen, while eating pizza. At 10:30 in the morning.  

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