Friday, December 21, 2012

The final stretch to the big day!

So you would think that with my self-proclaimed love of the Christmas season I would have been a blogging fool, but not so much.  Sorry about that.  It started with this last weekend of back to back "things."  The musical and dinner with Red, tamales with Schmacey, and The Boy developed a fever which meant I got to "work from home" for two days, but really don't think that it was the most productive I've ever been.  Then the Boy so graciously shared his germs with me.  So now I'm sitting here like a slack-jawed yokel mouth breathing.  Its awesome.  This is totally what I need on the final push to the holidays. 

So while I coat my lips with chap stick one more time less focus on the total awesomeness of the next few days. 

1. Christmas party with our friends.  We used to get together after the Christmas but this year we're doing it before hand.  I am so excited to just hang out, eat a little, drink a little, and laugh a lot. 

2. SANTA!  We're gonna go see SANTA!  I have told The Boy and I don't think he gets it, but, wait.  he will.  I. CAN'T. WAIT.

3. My sister and her kids are coming to town in a one horse open sleigh called Frontier airlines. 

4. finish the baking...have to finish the baking!



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