Friday, December 14, 2012

Final Thoughts on Friday

As I read the news of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School I am completely dumb founded at this tragedy.  It seems trite to say since its all over Facebook, but my heart and prayers go out to the families.  I could not imagine losing my child.  I could not imagine ever being able to pick myself up and continue on when he could not.  What makes someone believe that they have the power to take the lives of innocent children?  What happened to that person to make them think that this was the answer?

1. I know that making gun laws is arguably pointless since the lawless don't care, but what about the mentally unstable?  How do we secure our freedom to bare arms as well as our freedom to live our lives not in fear? 

2. On to something more light hearted - I have made an agreement with Juanito to not check the bank account until after Christmas.  I am allowed to check the balance in order to transfer as needed, but I am not allowed to check the line items.  This is really hard.  I just checked the account to see if the first wave of bills was processed and I see that there is a pending charge.  OH THE SELF-RESTRAINT!  Juanito be proud!

3. It might be the Clomid talking but I've been a blubbering mess these days.  I fell apart reading my uncles Christmas card.  It was a report of his life, in one continuous sentence.  The editor in me screamed but the Clomid in me cried.  I got caught up on Parenthood last night and OH.HOLY.SHIT.BALLS.  I was balling!  Balling I tell you.  That show gets me everytime, but this week's episode...oy. 

4. Everyone is rushing and stressing right now with the holidays bearing down on us.  Everyone is stressed-out trying to meet deadlines and finish projects and attend a bunch of events and still remained focused at work...well, kind of.  With everything else going on, try and remember that this is a time of year to be with our families, hold them close and love them.  Remember that life is short but sweet for certain. 

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