Friday, December 7, 2012

Final Thoughts on Friday

Hey lookie what we have here!  Final Thoughts on Friday and, well, what do you know, ITS FRIDAY!  It's like a little gift I tell ya. 

So it's Friday yay.  Our big plans for the night, well it will start with a whole lotta nothing.  Then we will attempt to make pizzas again and pray to Little Baby Jesus that it goes as smoothly and successfully as the last time we did this.  Then we will all sit down and watch "Brave" because 1. its what all the other parents are doing and 2. Juanito got it at the Red Box. I thought up a new drinking game for the parents who don't want to acknowledge that they the responsible party at the party.  Every time you have to redirect you child back to the task at hand or away from something that might be broken or break them: DRINK!  So every time we have to tell The Boy to sit back on the couch and watch the effing movie because "this is what we're doing right now" DRINK!  Eventually someone will fall asleep right?  My money is on Juanito but I've always been a safe better, that's why I go to Vegas for the drinks.

1. I got bangs, I love them on my reflection but hate them on my forehead. It's a conundrum.
2. I have a sudden need to dance 
3. I made a big stink about getting my Christmas card picture done in a timely manner and the damn things are sitting on the counter.  I forgot that I have to buy stamps. 

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