Monday, September 24, 2012

Traits of our Fathers and coming soon our Mothers!

Remember when I was blissfully pregnant with The Boy and we would snuggle together and talk about what we wanted for our unborn son? Our hopes and dreams of our future.

Both of us glowing in pregnancy hormones and final accomplishment, we fantasized about what he would do for a career. You want him to be an wealthy explorer. I want him to be an environmental engineer who will save the planet and come home for the holidays. We talked about how we hoped my super round face would counter-act the never present jaw line in your genes. We hoped that he would have the stature of our fathers, who are both 6 foot and taller instead of the freakishly short women in BOTH of our families. I hoped that he would have the easy going, carefree nature of you. And you hoped he would have the quick wit and sarcasm of me. I joked those two traits would make him an asshole. He would have a sharp tongue like me and would not give enough of a shit to filter.

I am realizing more and more that The Boy did get Juanito’s carefree attitude. There are times when he is quite content to do his own thing. He lazily picks through rocks and sees what is under this or on top of that. Never too much in a hurry. Content to watch the wheels of his car navigate the terrain of the walls, counter tops and stairs.  Unfortunately any sense of urgency he might have doesn’t kick in until closer to noon.  Which means that mornings are nothing but a struggle.

It is more fun to going through the contents of Mom’s vanity, trying every single brush and little pot of colored stuff. And these what must be crayons stuck in this bag on the vanity are so easy to use on the wall. Wish there were more colors than black and brown. And what is in this cabinet or this basket or the refrigerator is far more interesting than brushing our teeth. Oh, the baskets of toys have some how made their way into the living room and their contents spilled all over.  And look!  Do I want to brush my teeth?  Not really, but thanks for the offer.

And because wishes do come true, I have a feeling, in time, with the help of speech therapy, he will soon be brandishing his sharp wit and inherent sarcasm.

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