Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eternally a 12 year old boy

I may be a lot of things, wife, mother, friend, woman, but above all I am eternally 12 years old and deeply inappropriate.  As I have aged I have just learned to keep my inappropriateness under wraps.  As much as possible. 

There is a local radio station that has a morning show which is purely for adults.  I pray that The Boy stays blissfully unaware while in the car in the morning and continues to love the work trucks and cement trucks and garbage trucks and barrage of school buses of our morning commute and doesn't catch on to the radio conversation.  The DJs will frequently talk about anal sex but they refer to its as BFing.  You can figure that out, right? 

Now switch gears, I'm on the PCOS boards of the super supportive women who are all struggling with fertility and PCOS.  Now that I'm trying for our second child I have jumped threads to MOMS, which was just odd to me at first.  The other surprising thing was the number of acronyms that they use and how quickly I had forgotten this secret language.  TTC = Trying to Conceive AF = Aunt Flow DTD = Doing the deed (aka having sex because we're adults) CD = cycle days POS = peeing on a stick OPKs = ovulation predictor kits so on and so forth.  There is a thread that deciphers all of them for newcomers.   But the one that makes the 12 year old boy in me fall apart laughing and point (at pretty much nothing) is the one for breast feeding.  you can see where this is going right?

So often there will be a post from a distraught, sleep-deprived mom about how she's having the hardest time BFing.  Oh dear.  How sad that you're not able to have anal sex.  I am seriously sorry that you're having these problems despite my incessant giggling. 

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