Monday, May 17, 2010

Road trips…

I love road trips. I love the packing up and the anticipation of a new adventure. But mainly,I love the conversation you have on road trips. Its typically forced because the silence is ypically filled with tvs, cell phones, internet and other distractions. Road trips force you to stop and look around you and talk to the person next to you. I fell in love with my husband during a road trip so I might be partial. There are some people, though, that hate road trips. They want to get to point B in as little time as possible. I often wonder what they are hiding that could be found out on a road trip.

I also love to see some of the stuff that you would never see if you flew. We live in some beautiful country. Nature does some amazing things. Just when one stretch of road seems mundane, let the seasons change and there is something new. We drove a chunk of highway that we’ve driven numerous times before but usually in the dead of summer. This time, in the beautiful month of May, I saw 500 different shades of green while the trees were coming back to life. Breath taking.

But as this road trip winds down and we’re about an hour and a half away from our house that has our 2 dogs waiting patiently on our big, soft bed and my four month old is bawling his eyes out and making himself choke from crying so hard and my back feels like shit from sitting cramped in the back seat and the sun is pouring through the window and is baking the side of my face and I kinda have to pee but we're too close to stop now........I am thinking that we should look into the frequent flyer miles.

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