Monday, May 10, 2010


Why do you use so many office supplies? Why is it necessary to use whole stickies to protect the top of a rough draft letter from the possibility of marks left by paper clips. Why do you have to use 3 paperclips to hold together a 6 page document? Are the pages alive and need to be restrained?? Why do you require three 15 minute phone calls to 2 different people in order to draft a form letter? Just fill in the goddamn blanks like we told you to. You know that line that says ADDRESS? Well take a fucking leap of faith and put the ever-lovin’ address there.

Its only Monday and I should not want to kill you over your inability to keep a consistent font size until maybe Wednesday. We’re not expecting that you work miracles here, we’re just hoping for some remedial intelligence that would allow you to do the entry-level job you fucking get paid to do.

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