Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm No Expert But....

We have one of those Couple friends. You know those friends, where Party A or Party B of a set was friends with Party A or Party B of the other set prior to the coupulation. And now that we’re all paired up we must then be all friends together. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be friends with my couple friends individually but there is usually a stronger bond with one party and not both. So anyways, my husband’s friend got married to a chick we’ll just call Poopy Pants for reasons we don’t really need to divulge here. So Poopy Pants has had many transitions of personal development in the few years that we’ve known her. She started off plain like oatmeal and then morphed into a Biker Chick (complete with the title of Old Lady)and then Mary Kay Lady (sample basket in the spare room) and now she Super Mom of 3. I have no problem with anything of this because she is relatively a nice person and has the best of intentions.

My beef is that she posts all the time on Facebook and she can’t spell. This might sound judgemental, but here is the part that gets me.....she has made the decision to home school her children. Yep, like chewing tin foil huh? She has decided that despite her lack of college education, she is the best option to mold her children’s minds. Despite years of training and education for teachers and knowledge of classroom management and early childhood development and learning methodologies she and her reasonably intelligent husband believe that she is the obvious choice for her providing the building blocks of intellect in their children. She doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re or you’re and your or allowed and aloud. So what else doesn't she know? Math? Science? HIstory? Oh, good Lord.

Now for her next persona....The Professor!

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