Friday, April 27, 2012

You like me?! Give it a while....

So I have a real live jobby job. Start date May 7th! Since my contract job ended last week I've got some "quality time" with The Boy. I know that deep down inside I need to treasure this time, but honestly he is TWO so treasuring is not at the top of my list. The other day I argued with him for 5 minutes to brush his teeth. I finally picked him up and put him at the sink and he was like "Oh, teeth! yaaay!!!"

But back to the subject....

This company that I'm going to wanted me. Like fought for me. After the drought and cap it was a little strange. I am hoping that its the right place for me. I'm concerned for a number of reasons. First (and sadly foremost) I made the chick who interviewed me jump, twice. In her defense, she is quite petite (read brittle) like a bird so quick movements of people bigger than her are of serious concern. but all I can think is that while on my best interviewing behavior I made her jump. What happens when I'm spatty on coffee, chocolate and Friday afternoon and wanna run around without my shoes and do stupid dances because "no one is watching"???? I might turn out to be the black sheep of the office. Sadly, a role I'm used to.

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