Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Blogspot...bleech

I only have a wee bit o'battery left and Blogspot went and got all new...stupid.

So I'm back home with The Boy which is a V.E.R.Y. long story that I will try and share later.  But I've spent a few days with The Boy and that has been enjoyable.  Really.  Honestly. 

I spend the day listening to (and while I"m being honest here, watching) Nick Jr., Disney, PBS, and Sprouts.  I dance like Goofy and sing the Hot Dog song.  I've solved the energy crisis by pat pat pat pat patting that damn rocket all over the place for those Einstein kids.  And when he takes a nap and I get to reclaim my tv I don't watch CNN or HLN or even the stupid local news.  I watch the Kardashians or Couples Therapy on VH1 or What Not to Wear.  I believe that I can't go from this saccharine mind numbing children television to hard core real-life news.  I might cause a stress-fracture in my brain.  So in an effort to prevent any medical bills, brain injuries or ice cream headaches I am well versed on Baby Story and Behind the Music.  You're welcome Juanito.

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