Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Toe Hurts & Other Things

So I am an indentured servant to the company's owner and president, aka Satan. I resist the urge to post anything about my employer to avoid any issues so needless to say I am trying to find a new place to grow and flourish. But believe me you are missing out on some funny shit. I have been looking for a new employer since last May. An employer who I would be proud to work for. I've had two interviews.


I know that I haven't been at it hard core until recently, like since October but whatever....Well honestly I thought I would have had something by now. I keep plugging away and applying and hoping for something to pop up as The Husband says it will but last week I meditated/focus my energy on one company and now this week it's a new company clear across the effin valley. I know that there is something better for me out there and it will come soon. And soon will come sooner than I think.

Oh and by the way my big toe hurts. It's probably because I've been kicking The Husband in the knees at night like he believes. Right.

So anyways....
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