Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sleep With One Eye Open

So life has been out of control busy. Work has blown up, much like it usually does, but this time I’m pretty much in the center ring juggling balls with a big fat smile on my face 'cuz everything is gonna be aww-rite! The Boy turned 5 months and started actual real live people food. I spent an entire Saturday morning making my homemade baby food in little ice cube trays, but now I need to make more. Apparently he likes to eat at every meal.  My sister bought a 100 year old HUD home that required daily phone calls about the purchase and the less than happy response from 50% of our parents. The day care arrangements we’ve had must change soon 'cuz I'm confused on a daily basis which house I'm going to.  In fact I almost just drove him to the office one morning.  I’m trying to figure that all out. We’re planning a vacation which will require flying with a baby. Have I mentioned that The Boy is our first?? I have no idea what I’m doing or when I’m doing it for that matter. My husband had out-patient surgery which left him unable to help out around the house for a little bit of time. Now I get random text complaints of his pains that ail him.  I’ve fought with pharmacy for drugs and consultants for answers. I’ve worked late nights at the office and early mornings with The Boy.   And I keep going....Sir may I have another?

This is nothing new. I KNOW! I just want a little sympathy every now and then. But I get asked, “Why haven’t you written on your blog? Are you bored with it?”

I will kill you in your sleep Juanito.

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