Friday, June 7, 2013

Rule Follower

Driving home the other night from work I called Norma Rae.  Between the time difference and our kids this is typically the best time to talk.  Or a little at noon on Sundays because this is the beginning of our nap time and the end of hers.  But our calls happen so infrequently that when they do it never seems to be long enough to talk about everything, like we need to. The planets aligned and we were able to chat.  And we did for the rest of my 45 minute commute home.  Its a good time to catch up and it makes my drive so much better. 

During this phone call I needed to stop at the library and pick up a book that was on hold.  As I parked I told Norma Rae that I needed to run into the library but it was going to be real quick no need to hang up just that she needed to keep talking.  This is no problem for Norma Rae.  She is a story teller as well and can easily monopolize a conversation.  So has she launched into a story about a piano purchase I walked into the library.

In order to pick up books on hold at my local library, I walk in and make an immediate left walk probably 5 yards to where my request is on the hold shelf.  I walk back to the entrance, go up to computer kiosk, which is unmanned mind you, scan my card and my books, press the button to have the receipt emailed to me and walk out.  Its literally a 20 second transaction and I never once interact with a person.  I've done it many times in the past. *Gasp* I have been on the phone at the same time too! 

This time though the gentleman who is, and I use this term loosely, security asked me to finish my call before coming into the library.  I totally get it because there are rules and people don't follow but I hadn't said a word other than hello to him.  I would not have been saying a word during my 20 seconds while there.  I would have been less intrusive than the guy that is taking shelter from the heat in the library and apparently has something against personal hygiene, deodorant and is supportive of our natural pheromones.  Or the people who sound like they are one step from an iron lung coughing and hacking and making me imagine bathing in hand sanitizer. 

I was so incensed by this request.  the gall of this "security guard" to tell me to get off my call and if I a bluetooth he wouldn't have batted an eye but these calls happen so infrequently that how dare he make me follow the library rules.  believe I understand that I sound like an over privileged child have a major first world problem temper tantrum.  But I thought you know if I had been talking I would understand but I wasn't.  I was totally following the rules with a phone against my ear that is all. 

but because I am a rule follower, I stepped outside and, in a haughty tone, told Norma Rae that I would call her back in literally a minute because this guy won't let me walk in the library with a phone against my ear.  Believe you me, I glared at him when I left.  I'm sure he felt the rath of my anger in those blistering seconds. 

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