Friday, June 22, 2012

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Can you believe that I made this?
This is The Boy eating a chili covered mango candy.  Its a pretty common candy in Mexico and easily found here in The Valley. We were recently at a 1st birthday party with a pinata filled with such candies.  All the adults there were quite concerned that if he ate the candy he would....I don't know what they thought would happen.  I was afraid that he would yell "Yuck" like he does when he sees me without underwear.  Have I not shared this story?  Maybe later.  Anyways, I didn't want to offend the hosts which my vocal, opinionated two year old.  But he grabbed the sucker and scampered up the slide and stealthily ripped the wrapper off and shoved it in his pie hole.  There was a collective gasp as his audience awaited his response.  I asked him if it was good.  He said "mmm-mmm, yum!"  And the crowd went wild! 

When he was little and new and squishy, I thought I could not love him any more that day than ten years from now.  When he was starting to toddle around and giggle and laugh, I thought, I guess I can love him more.  Two years later I can't imagine how much bigger my love for him will get.  As he develops and grows and becomes a little person my heart grows right along with him.  I'm pretty sure the teen years squash all that back to a normal size heart so that parents live longer. 
But for now let say this kid...this one...

Well, lets just say he's got swagger and style and he's got moves you haven't seen before.  (Note that these sun glasses he picked out.  At Cabella's.  Because where else do you purchase your LMFAO-esque clothes from but amidst camouflage and turkey calls?  I love him, even though he calls me Daddy.

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