Monday, June 25, 2012

Nature vs Nurture

So we're gearing up  for a big vacation.  A whole week to enjoy my family.  I'm sure you are just a surprised as my mother in law that I would dare take a vacation so soon into my new employment.  We'll lets just say I'm a risk taker and have completely disregarded my family and their welfare, shall we? 

So my parents started talking about this venture at the first of the year.  They are inhabiting my uncle's house on a lake for the entire summer with no set plans to return to The Valley other than to, oh let's say, in the Fall.  If you have ever lived or visited The Valley you would know that could mean they won't be back until after Thanksgiving. 

So under a wee bit of pressure, my family and my sisters' families will be joining my parents at this house.  We will be spending the week of 4th of July here:

Its very Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I have many expectations for this trip.  I never went to camp as a child.  Well, unless you count Bible school, which I don't.  So I am looking to this trip to fulfil my childhood camp fantasies.  Fantasies fueled by this movie.  I will make out with Juanito under the stars in a canoe, but not go all the way because I'm not that kind of girl, until the last night.  I will weave foliage together and make something with my nieces.  I will cook with my Mom and she will appreciate my skills and just spending time with me.  I will chase bullfrogs and lightning bugs with The Boy.  I will fish with my Dad. Cannonballs off the dock with my nephew. Drink wine (ok not so much camp of my childhood but still) with my sisters. And take lots and lots and lots of pictures. 

While I know that there will be a ton of emotional land mines throughout this trip, I vow here that I will not let those things trip me up.  I will not react but be an observer of the quirks that make my family tick.  While it might look all Walden, I'm afraid it will be more On Golden Pond or worse.  But I will take in my surroundings and attempt to channel Emerson during my time there or as Ralph was quoted saying ...."Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."

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