Friday, May 25, 2012

If only....

I ate Cinnabon for lunch today.  Why?  Cuz. I can.  I haven't had Cinnabon in years.  Literally perhaps a decade.  I've had cinnamon rolls and all but nothing is quite like a Cinnabon.  I almost asked for a Mochalattachill  to go with it and say fuck you to the caloric intake but feared the inevitable middle finger right back later in the afternoon when I slump over my keyboard in a diabetic coma.  I forgot about the size and the girth and the creamy goodness that bubbles out of every crevice of these fluffy little buns.  This sounds like food porn doesn't it?  Which is why it occured to me that if The Husband shot out cream cheese filling instead of life creating slurry  then there might be more oral action in the bed room.  I'm just saying.

**Juanito this does not mean you need to pick up a tube of cinnamon rolls or anything.  this is just a hyperbole.  Calm down.

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