Thursday, May 24, 2012


I get topic ideas when I'm driving and now that I'm back to commuting I get a lot of topics. 
Such as:
Why I shouldn't drive a motorcycle
We need a team leader for team traffic
What my mother did to jack me up
Starbucks Sucks
What the Boy has done lately
Paid Bills and Feel Like I'm in Jail
Ode to my Brown Heels

Unfortunately, when I get time to write I can never remember all the funny little points that made these topics interesting to me.  Interesting enough to write 300 words on.  So I sit here at a computer with limericks from a bathroom stall in my head (Here I sit broken hearted...). 

Not a great topic but just so you to those of you who *might* actually read this post; I'm thinking about you.  And this is what I'm thinking:
You - Some day you'll have time for me, right?
You - If you stopped being the victim you would realize that everything you want you have.
You, over there - Quit controlling every situation and let it be.  You think you know that you're not God but that knowledge has not stopped you from playing God.
And you - Sober up at work, geez.
You - BACON!

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