Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day One

So this is my first day of unemployment without the benefit of an unemployment check.  I took The Boy to daycare because we pay for the week so there is no savings by not going.  Also, he loves his friends there.  I sat with them this morning, since I had no where to go, and he thoroughly enjoys playing with his friends. After that I went out to my parent's house to tell them.  I felt like a kid telling them I broke Mom's boom box.  At 33 years old when will my head remember I am too old to be spanked (by my parents that is) or grounded? 

So now I am home slowly cleaning some stuff and wrapping a few gifts.  We've had a ton of rain the past few days, which means I have muddy paw prints allllll over my house.  So I swept, but since its still cloudy, potentially more rain and the backyard is still a mud pit, I  think I'll hold off on mopping. Big decisions I tell you.

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