Friday, May 20, 2011


So the End of the World starts today (so happy that we can plan for this) around noon in New Zealand I heard.  While the logical side of me totally believes that this will come and go, just like Y to K and Elvis sightings.  But I started thinking today driving into work that perhaps, just maybe this is gonna happen.  And if, big if here, what are my chances of taking flight on Saturday around 6 pm??  I believe in God and parts of the Bible.  I talk to God and give thanks for the things that I am truly thankful for like my family and my health and my good fortune.  I follow Lent and I'm not Catholic.  I went to church on Easter and Christmas while my family sat at home eating.  What I think is a good relationship with God might be the bare minimum.  So is there a last ditch effort to repent or something just in case? 

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