Monday, August 1, 2011

Next Chapter

As I have lamented in previous post, i hate my job.  Its not the work as much as it is the people.  While some of them are the greatest people I've ever met and really hope that I've made long time friends; others are fake and manipulative and two faced and difficult and power hungry and out right liars and ugly on the inside and in desperate need of mental help.  So I have been searching for a new job since I came back from maternity leave.  My son turned 18 months the other week.  Its been a long, hard road that has been filled with anger, tears, desperation, stress, heartburn and occasional laughter.  But the road has finally ended.  Praise little baby Jesus!  Seriously, thank you God and Jesus and all your little disciples and the Virginia Mary and throw in Guadalupe for good measure.  Thank you!  The decision to move on has been hard even in light of the fact that I've been looking and praying for so long.  Its hard to leave the people you've spend 40+ hours a week with for over six years.  These people were at my wedding and with me during our fertility troubles and throughout my pregnancy and The Boy's first year of life.  I feel like I'm breaking off a relationship, an abusive one at that but a relationship none the less.  So has as I start the The Last Week and struggle with passing on all of my information I am looking forward to the future, all of it, for the first time in a long time. 

Let go of the past so that I'm capable of embracing the future.

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