Saturday, September 11, 2010

New found freedom....where?

So The Boy started crawling full speed.  He is pulling his little body up on everything and hitting his big ol'head into everything.  Its wonderfully terrifying.  The Husband made a comment the other day about having a new freedom now that the boy is crawling.  He didn't feel that he had to be in constant supervision of him.  Ahh, its like he got a little chuck of his life back......yay....

Is he kidding me?  I feel like I can't pee without coming back into the room to find him juggling knives with his hand in the DVD player and a toe in the electrical outlet.  And since everything goes into his mouth and we have two dogs, he has a constant goatee of slobber and hair.  His knees are either bright red from the crawling or black from the crawling.  I can't help but feel this intense need to mop every day but no intense energy to back it up.

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