Sunday, August 1, 2010

Got Nothang

So I actually have time to sit down and write something witty and inspiring and noteworthy.

I got nuttin.

But that brings up a thought that I have been mulling over lately.  I am "friends" with the receptionist at my office on Facebook.  Its not that we have anything in common other than our employer, but she requested...anyways!!  Point is, she post things all the time and I know that it ain't English and it ain't Spanish.  Its like Ebonics but a higher level of Ebonics.  For example.....

"i liked the ice-cream we had last nite! lol.. i cant wait to receive ur invites their effin hilar! esp da girl 1's i cnt stop crackin up!btw i absolutely luv the purp dress-we have such good taste ;D"

The spell checker inside of me is having a minor fit and the curl of my upper lip and double roll of my eyes totally conveys my irritation at the complete hatchet job this post has done to the English language.  This is our future?  I mean I am all about expressing ones elves, but is there something wrong with expressing it on correct language???  Little caveat - I am not an English major or even close to it (Marketing woot woot) but that only proves that even an idiot with a Marketing degree can do a better job than this.  But wait, am I old and this is the cool young hip thing to do?  Did I miss the boat and now we just spell things phonetically? Is this laziness or evolution?

Watev...effit, this mofo is outtie! 

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